Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The waters have dried out. Everyday is like a baron well, waiting to be filled, so it can give again.

It gives once again, replenished and ready, but no one comes. It waits. It dries.

The rain comes, it fills. It makes it hard, and it hurts as it pounds. It had enough, but it wouldn't stop. You cant tell the rain what to do. It wills itself. When the earth had enough of it, it rose. and it gave back. It had enough - it still did not stop.

The giving the taking only goes so far.
Stop. Take the course, and grow.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

On Fire

Here are two songs I cant get enough of lately :

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Serenity Now

Time stopped when you came around. The clock ceased to ring. It stayed at 12:15 p.m after a few nights ago. Its' noise was loud, obnoxious. Time was asking to stop, and let live.

Then you left and it wound. It moves on. It reminds you very slowly and gently, beckoning every hour... half hour.

It was beautiful. If not for time- we would not move. If we did not move, we would not live. Its for the moments, for the seconds, and the details we live for ... sometimes slow, fast, all in motion , and all to savor.

We made use of it- forcing ourselves to ignore its rings. So we stopped it completely. Physically , mentally, and the emotion grew and grew.

Make use, let it roll on.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Destinys Destination

I had a dream a very long time ago that this would happen.

I cant explain the exact details, but something tells me that this was all known, and meant to be.

I remember vaguely where I was, and how unexpected the whole scene was. No one knew what to say, but I was incredibly happy. It didn't matter to me that others would be shocked or surprised at what they found out to be my destiny. They soon realize they had to accept it as reality.

The world doesn't always turn and work the way we imagine it to be when we are young. Almost every one of you can look back on the past five years and never expect that anything you thought at the time, would turn out completely different. All of our decisions and delusions change based on the way the world moves us. We can never, ever predict it- or control it entirely. The small choices we make each day turn into the status of your life- right now. Is the divine really involved. Who really knows anyway. Faith.

My head has a numbing feeling inside it, that will not shake with rest. Its the brink of intensity. The feeling you get when you know your mind has had just about enough. At some point, it will come crashing down. Into you... or into someone else. In their arms, or via technology. What would we do without our individual and unique coping mechanisms? I'm sure we can all learn from each other. No one can do it all alone.

In the movie, Into the Wild
, He realizes in the end- Happiness is not real until it is shared.

Whatever mine or your circumstance, I hope there will always be people in your life that will be happy for you, and with you.