Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Economic Spring

It is officially spring. But my phone signal keeps cutting in and out.

My body is also objecting to the new smells and wafts of air that have floated in my face after two days of attempting to run in the park, instead of the treadmill. I prefer the treadmill.

Benedryl, Claritin-D. Welcome.

Does it end? I am in a perpetual state of maintenance and catching up. When will I tackle the big things? The big dreams and goals. It must be one small step at a time. I never listen to my stupid mantras and silly positivity. Who am I kidding.

Sometimes I honestly do not want to hear the positive jargon that people are forced to throw around in this "bad economy". The world is in the shits right now, lets face it. And if you are unemployed and looking, you know it even more. I'll still applaud you for trying.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Landing on a Latte

Hello Again Everyone!

I am well, and feeling 100% better after a week of sickness and recovery. I must say - I am rarely ill- the last time I was that sick was in the bout of stress and insanity planning the Annual Women in Business conference in Muscat, Oman last year! I cant imagine that I was indeed stressed recently and that it caused the flu. I have been spending a lot of time at the gym and moving around much much much! My little niece was sick and its pathetic to think that I caught it from a 3 month old. Besides all that I am healthy and ready to attack my writing once again.

I finished reading a million little pieces. I am surprised I got to the end of it. I am a huge procrastinator and regardless of the fact that details in this book were fabricated- I took it to the end and really enjoyed it. I don't read much fiction, but I am still going to read the sequel, My Friend Leonard.

I am also still having ( a crisis of faith), and reading, Sam Harris - The End of Faith.

I wont list all the rest of the books I'm reading because frankly, who really cares? (only I care.)

Here is what is on the forefront of my observations today.

A few hours ago, as I sat in my new fave coffee place to write and contemplate, and after making my way through crowds of green, parade goers, children, strollers, dogs and drunkenness, I was beginning to think the world was good and kind- until this new barista started yelling and complaining about everyone who walked in the door to only use the restroom. So she angrily hung a sign on the door that read "NO PUBLIC RESTROOMS".

Come on lady. People have been drinking green beer since 6 am this morning. Give a lad a break :p

A man walks in and heads straight for the restroom- she tells him he cant use it unless he buys coffee. He says he will- she says "well then the line would start HERE sir. Not over there near the restroom. There is no restroom without purchase." He walked out angrily shouting "GOOD GOD!" I had to laugh.

The whole scenario caused a stir for little green Midwesterners. Until I realize that not everyone in this place is from here. Across from me was an true redheaded Irish girl, and a Greek catholic that started having conversation about the angry drunk man. She starts telling him how surprised she is about how festive Americans are for St Patty's day celebrations. How wonderful the parade was. She was also surprised to see that Americans are a lot more sober that the Irish on St. Patrick's Day. Of course lady.

She loves Kansas City and is visiting America to "take a walk with God and Jesus" - and trying to find herself on this journey. She is with IHOP - International House of Prayer. I'm seeing these people more and more. They seem to have this need to talk about their religion with every single person they talk to and frankly - Its a little annoying and self righteous. Yesterday I had a tour of the Kansas City Art Incubator and met a man holding a rat , as if it were his puppy, and he was also with IHOP. He is growing dreadlocks and is a struggling artist. He was from Minnesota. Are they in town? It sounds like a band tour or something.- Not religion. I think he thinks he must fit the mold. This wave of young cool people who are into "God" like it is fashion and cool to have a "relationship with Jesus" Is this real? Or is it just a fat community that thrives on the emotion of wanting to belong to something and attaching God and religion to it? It doesn't sit well with me.

This girl had a thick Irish accent. I realized it wasn't just an American Fad, but its all over. Something tells me this is new, young and hip- and that older generations didn't experience this brand of religion. Did young America take it to Europe? How and why do they feel it is their duty to "spread the gospel?"

The girl left and said to the old catholic man "God Bless."

So same to you.
More to come later.
I promise!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Its almost three weeks since I have posted. I feel like its such a long time. Not writing regularly goes against my nature. As if something feels missing.

Strangely, I dont know what to write about. I'll be really honest and admit to the fact that I dont want to try and think about what im writing in my blog. I realize its public and at times have become paranoid about what I put out there.

Im sure most bloggers have thought of this. Hence, remained anonymous.

Its not my intention to talk about my life in a blog. How many people really care what you do in a day? Im bored of those blogs. But I still do it.. as I am now, moreso writing about my thoughts.

Im honestly just catching a cold and am not in my creative zone to write. I just had to update though.