Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Best of Times

The end of Summer is near. Im watching Nacho Libre at 9:45 am. Sad, but maybe interesting. This movie only makes me laugh because of the funny accents. Why would you care? I'm not sure. Isn't that what most blogs are these days? Random ramblings about the going ons of life? It's unclear...I just bit my tounge. Ouch. See? :p

The point is- I am writing for the sake of writing. I don't have much to say now only because I have limited my interactions with the world as of late. My life has consisted of brother, sisters, neices, nephews and my dad. [highlight - my dad]

We function as one. As it is in other cultures, such as hispanic for ex, we live breathe and move around eachother. All of our individual plans are influenced by the others. This can sometimes make life stressful. The only way to manage is to take it one day at a time.

The family structure as a group versus individual can pose problems when you are trying to be an individual. But how can one be truly an individual if you are influenced by your family? And how can you grow close to your family if you function solely on your own? I prefer the invasive interactions over the formality that might come with trying to isolate one self in becoming an "individual."

There aren't any people in the world that are as important as your family. Whether you like it or not- blood does make a difference.

The concept of family is subjective. Whom ever you consider family. Make sure to take care of them as they would you.

As much as Im not trying to be lame- I cant help but to think I sound utterly utterly cliche. Oh well. It is what it is. <---(horrible)

Its the truth.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

It will just Happen

Its the beginning of an end. The first of August. Nearing end of summer. The beginning of... ( try and complete the sentence. do it for yourself).

Everyday can be a new beginning. As cliche as it sounds- it is true. I find that once you make a decision, everything around you seems to revolve or contribute around that decision. In the cosmos, the world will favor you. Just have a positive outlook. Nothing is impossible.

This can be dangerous for stubborn people like me. I believe in this, therefore if something is not happening the way I want it to- I force it, and I end up getting hurt and dissapointed.

So I have decided to just let the earth work without trying to worry too much. Ultimately, I do not have the control. Lets learn to just let it be.