Tuesday, May 5, 2009


When your heart is heavy. the material doesnt matter.

the metaphysical takes over. the spirit world manifests in reality.

when your heart is so full of love that you dont know where to turn, or what to do with it. -when your mind is so consumed. you become like a drone in the rest of the worlds mundane movements.

when you would do anything to satisfy the needs, or heal the pain, or comfort a soul, when loving becomes more than you can handle. when emotional strife is an understatement. when longing becomes sleeplessness, when feeling becomes too hard... too much...

we move.

we ignore. we exist, we try to subsist. frivolities , meaninglessness. sleeplessness.

it will haunt you. dont ignore, give it a face. look in the mirror- who do I want to be? Give in.

too many times we are distracted. too often we forget the purpose., the consequences. each little step today, makes a huge mark tomorrow. one month . one year. 20 years.

Just ask yourself.

make noise, commotion if need be. have people talking. this is your life. your love. your passion.

light fire.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

In The Biz

I am back in business.

More to come soon.

It will be good. Hold on to your hats