Thursday, July 24, 2008

Social Ecosystem

Im sitting in Marco Polo Hotel in Dubai. Ive been in this hotel room all morning because I have been craving and forcing myself to park down. take a breather. and think.

Im excited about what the Arab Gulf is doing. There are many business opps here, but why isnt there an aquarium? or an amusement park? or a proper zoo? It made me think about all the American influences I have about what other forms of entertainment there may be besides nightlife, shopping, eating and this constant consumerism- the things that I used to enjoy when I was a kid. What ever happened to good old fashion healthy fun? Dubai is still thinking about building more and more towers. This place needs a Sea World or something. I also thought about how there are not enough things to do for children over here. Its a complete adult world, and I wouldnt take my kid out at night here. A lot of risk for too much -exposure- for children at a young age.

Its easy to get into your own head, and create a world for yourself here because everything around you seems familiar. Im sitting in a nice hotel room, watching CNN -"Black in America" on a large flat screened LG TV. I hear police sirens outside, Im wearing my teal bebe terry cloth pants, munched on a few Jelly Bellys, -- point is, every material thing I have makes me feel right at home. Right Ok with myself. Even as I think about going down to the lobby, socializing, or doing whatever it is I do in a day- things are not as different on the OUTSIDE as people may think. Im still surprised with how many americans have no idea where Dubai is. Maybe its the midwest...

working here is a different ballgame. An american would saturate himself with other americans here, and do american things, and feel right at home. To have both worlds around you all the time, is definately harder to decipher. Arab, american,iraqi, muslim.

Todays Motto: Listen to your own voice.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cure and Cause

I'm itching to write- but have been busy with other distractions. Here are some topics on the forefront of my mind, and some topics and ideas I'm getting ready to delve into.

Globalization: I just ordered Subway at the office and the indian who delivered it, left with saying, Thank you for Choosing Subway.

Every single day that I exist here, I am annoyed by something which I cant quite define in one word. It is globalization, pretension, pomposity, and others indirect display of self inferiority. The western saturation in the middle east is the cause of this complex I sense exhibited in people when they work, and socialize. There are a select few people that I choose to surround myself with that exude complete confidence in who they are- their roots. They also don't defend the backwardness that they live in.

Socially, psychologically, emotionally- the Arab people are constantly trying to cover up there short comings. Not because they are incapable, but because they are lazy.

Ive gone off on a tangent. Here is a quote I read that I liked.

"All of us who professionally use the mass media are the shapers of society. We can vulgarize that society. We can brutalize it. Or we can help lift it onto a higher level."

I love it. Its power. What a scary world.

Ill have to continue this later.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Maestra of House

A blog entry is long overdue. Its as if im working on autopilot... trying to make it through the perpetual routine, the constant chatter which I expertly block out with my ever so handy dandy, of course, IPOD.
-Because I am in the midst of the Hum Drum, here is my June July 08 Favorite Music Compilation, enjoy at your own volition...

Starts with song name, artist, then album.

Rej/Âme/Eivissa 2006-Defected in the House [Disc 2]

Some Kinda Rush/Booty Luv/The Mix 2008: Hed Kandi's Deluxe Mix Of Disco Kandi[Disc 2]

Love Is On My Mind/Dogsax Feat. Rietta Austin/The Mix 2008:Hed Kandi's Deluxe Mix Of Disco Heaven [Disc 3]

What Happens Tomorrow/Duran Duran/Ultra.Dance 07 [Disc 1]

Fire (Original Mix)/Ferry Corsten/Ultra iDance 05, Disc 2 (Mixed by Johnny Budz)

Say Say Say (Waiting 4 U)/Hi_Tack/Ultra.Dance 07 [Disc 1]

Jansa-y-Juju/Mainstreet/Eivissa 06 [Disc 1]

Reason For Love/Quentin Harris/No Politics

Sun Is Shining (Spencer & Hill Radio Edit)/Yanou/Ultra 2008 - The Singles

Inside Out (DJ Memê Remix)/Belezamusica/The Mix 2008: Hed Kandi's Deluxe Mix Of Disco Heaven

The Cure & The Cause (Dennis Ferrer Remix)/Fish Go Deep Feat. Tracey K Eivissa 06 [Disc 1]

Da Bump/Mr.V/Eivissa 2006-Defected in the House [Disc 2]

Waiting 4 (Hi_Tack UK Club Mix)/Peter Gelderblom/The Mix 2008 [Disc 1]

My Joy/Quentin Harris/No Politics

JOY/Quentin Harris/No Politics

Maestros Of House/Soul Creation/Eivissa 2006-Defected in the House [Disc 2]- Love This one!!

Get Down/Todd Terry Allstars Feat. Kenny Dope, DJ Sneak, Terry Hunter & Tara McDonald The Mix 2008: Hed Kandi's Deluxe Mix Of Disco Heaven [Disc 3]

Friday, July 11, 2008

Buildings and Mountains

I have a random memory of going to a particular park as a child. The image is so clear. And so 1980’s. My family and I would drive up a long winding road that leads to a large spacious grassy area surrounded by trees. In the corner on the right side near tall pine trees there was this lonely rusty slide. It had one of those hoods when you climb up the stairs. It was such a big deal when we were kids to climb a tall ladder and slide down. Whe nyou are so small the slide looks so big. I even remember my older brother telling me that I shouldn’t try that slide because it was too big for me and I couldn’t do it. Hahaha. Now I look back and wonder if he said that because he wanted to protect me, or he wanted to make fun of the fact that I was smaller and he was superior to me. How I precieved it as a child is a whole different story…..:)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Patience is not a Virtue

A person can only virtuous when it is a CHOICE. Being GOOD by default, -- because one is faced with a situation he is forced to handle without having frequent conniptions doesn't automatically make him GOOD or VIRTUOUS.

Of course there is the issue of nature... which I wont get into right now.

Ive had a hellish morning. I got in to a car accident last night. Ive had serious car issues this morning. All of them just a series of unfortunate events.

The traffic flow in Oman is based on roundabouts, circles if you will. It means that every intersection is a constant flow of yielding. Preventing accidents becomes a matter of the 'careful driver' I prefer traffic lights. GO AND STOP. Roundabouts carry the risk of someone reckless to take chances, and drive faster. The roundabout trusts that people are going to be cautious when entering and leaving. Sometimes, they ARE NOT.

Last night a subdued young lady driving a pearl white Lexus hit me. I cant draw the diagram of how it happened. But it happened. My VW Polo GTI is fine. Im fine. I spun in a half circle while braking. I thought that the rear end of my car was totaled. It wasn't, there are dents. and cracks on the bottom spoiler. Its a sports edition. cute car. no prob to fix. Everything that happened next is what drove me to utter impatience.

Usually, when an accident occurs and you are the driver- you GET OUT OF THE CAR and take a look, maybe start talking to the other driver, maybe start screaming, I dunno!! I just know that I felt completely exploited walking out of my car, because first. I'm a woman. second, because the other car with two women. just sat there. didn't get out at all. Either they don't know how to take charge, or they are just used to everyone taking care of things for them. I'm assuming because they are driving a 2008 Lexus- that they have maids, and drivers, and cooks. and and and.

A guy in another car stopped and started taking care of everything. This is just such a male dominated country. UAE- not as much.

My US passport saved me. It was easy to play the incoherent foreigner who knows little arabic. I couldn't understand the police men-- whom are literally kids. Bedouins. dressed in uniform like they are something special. Call me bitter!

They were nice to me. After some time explaining what happened. I got handed the phone of someone who speaks English and can tell me what to do. Welcome to Oman. you are our visitor he says. don't worry about anything. :O

I can understand and speak Arabic very fluently. Sometimes - Omanis get tricky and start speaking Swahili. Or they talk so fast in Arabic, I need to slow down and speak English.

I went to the station. The other girls in the car came, I asked if they were OK, yes. they were OK, I didn't hear their voice.- and they didn't ask me if I was OK either.

I took off this morning from work to go to the insurance company. After about 30 min of trying to explain to them that I am allowed to drive in Oman with an American license for up to three months, they just went on with the process. All the officialism here are dealt and confirmed by simple word of mouth. Not by facts. So ive learned the game and played that card.

I payed $250 bucks to the company to fix the car. Apparently its my fault. As on other occasions Ive had with the law here, Ive learned to let it go. Mashil 7al.

I left. I needed cash. went to an ATM, and lo and behold, as I'm locking the car door, the key gets stuck in the door. After an hour of security guards and dismantling my door, they got it out.

Ive had horrible luck today. As I left, I got lost and because the roads don't allow you to exit frequently, I had to drive faaar in the direction of Dubai in order to turn back around again. Silly British road construction influence.

I left my father totally innocent of all these happenings. If you had an Iraqi father- you would know why ;)